Terms and Conditions of Joining Hillbrow Lodge

Please note the following before completing the form:

  • If you have been convicted by a court of any offence; have been subject to a finding of dishonest or disgraceful conduct; have been disciplined by any professional, trade or other tribunal or are awaiting the outcome of proceedings against you in a criminal court or a professional, trade or other tribunal, you may be precluded from becoming a Freemason.
  • You must be either a South African Citizen, a Permanent Resident of South Africa or have a valid South African study permit to be eligible to join.
  • You should be over the age of 21.
  • There are costs envolved in being a Freemason, there is an Initiation fee (once off amount when you join) and an annual membership fee; these amounts are currently under review.
  • You need a Dinner Suit (Tuxedo) or a black suit, a white shirt, a bow tie and black shoes.
  • We dine after our meetings and you would be encouraged to join us, there is a moderate cost involved.
  • We make regular donations to charity, this amount is at the discretion of the person concerned.
  • A Freemason is expected to be charitable and, in our particular lodge, you will be expected to participate actively in at least one of our charitable events each year.
  • Freemasonry is an ancient and honourable society. Read more information about Freemasonry here: About Freemasonry