Hillbrow Lodge

History of the Lodge:

Hillbrow Lodge (3046 EC) was one of several lodges formed in Johannesburg following the resumption of normal masonic activities after the South African War. The membership was drawn from the general community and was slowly built up until, in the 1930s, the Lodge was exceptionally strong and well supported. This was to continue into the 1960s. Over the last few years, the lodge has undergone a transformation and has exponentially grown from strength to strength.

Over the years the Lodge has had a number of brethren who made substantial contributions to Freemasonry in the Transvaal, including three Grand officers in W Bro Teddy Kiesner (WM 1918/9), Harold Cohen (WM 1938/9) also of Protea Lodge, and Simon Kirschner (WM 1958/9) and secretary for a number of years before emigrating to Australia.

But a very different distinction befell W Bro Robert Sproat (WM 1910/1 and 1917/8), who was the second husband and suspected to have been another victim of the notorious Daisy de Melker, who was hanged in 1932 for the murder of her son. On a more cheerful note it can be added that one of South Africa’s greatest rugby players, Aaron “Okey” Geffin, was initiated into Hillbrow Lodge in 1977.

Hillbrow Lodge (3046 EC) falls under the District Grand Lodge of South Africa, North. For more information about the Grand Lodge, visit them here